Time is TBD | LoveNess RevoGel 2.0 Workshop

Introducing LoveNess RevoGel 2.0

Welcome to this much awaited workshop where you can get to know LoveNess RevoGel 2.0
Introducing LoveNess RevoGel 2.0

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Time is TBD
LoveNess RevoGel 2.0 Workshop, Calle Santa Alodia, 97, 03189 Orihuela, Alicante, Spain

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You will learn how to use RevoGel products professionally following the instructions of LoveNess. 

After an workshop you will be certified buying LoveNess products and get certificate.

In addition to RevoGel, you will learn the endless possibilities of LoveNess Gel Polish and take advantage of them in your work!

Introducing LoveNess RevoGel takes 5 hours.


Introducing LoveNess RevoGel

- Nude

- Babyboom

- Reversed French with neat glitter

  Take the workshop with you:

- Gel brush

- Cuticle remover and scissors

-LED/UV lamp

- Don't make your own nails ready (3 fingers) so you can try the products on your own nails.

-Drink & snacks

  The demonstration hour costs 85€ + taxes (demonstration hour 5h)

  If you order LoveNess products during the course, you will receive a course fee of 25€ off your purchases!

  • Introducing LoveNess RevoGel

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